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Internship Internal Party Democracy in Africa

   Mon 09/07/2012

In October I will lead a seminar on "Internal Party Democracy" for political parties that are members of the Africa Liberal Network. To help prepare, we are looking for an intern to:

  •  prepare briefing files on African political parties and current regional and local developments
  •  contact prospective participants for needs assessment
  •  put together power point presentation for training and other training materials
  •  prepare draft final report


  •  Excellent English, proficiency in French
  •  availability in September and October for approx 5h per week
  •  ideally based near, but with ability to travel to The Hague twice in this period
  •  excellent research and drafting skills
  •  experience in working with African colleagues, respectful disposition
  •  able to work independently and meet deadlines
  •  keen interest and proven experience with liberal party politics and African current affairs
  •  experience with power point
  •  preference goes to a current member of a party or youth organisation which is a member of affiliated with ELDR or LI.

Remuneration: €250 and a great experience on your CV.


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