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Re-elect Lousewies van der Laan as ALDE Vice President!

   Wed 20/11/2013

D66 party leader Alexander Pechtold has nominated Lousewies van der Laan for a third and final term as Vice-President of the Bureau of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. D66 asks for your support for her re-election.

Over the past years Lousewies has shown great dedication to strengthening the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and its member parties. Lousewies has worked tirelessly for a stronger ALDE:
  • by chairing resolutions working groups at ALDE congresses and ensuring challenging discussions turned into credible resolutions;
  • by giving trainings around Europe for member parties of ALDE on issues such as liberals in coalitions (Ljubljana with representatives from Georgia, Croatia and Moldova), election monitoring (Yerevan) and framing (Brussels, Ljubljana, Sarajevo);
  • by chairing the drafting committee for the ALDE manifesto for the European elections of May 2014 as proposed by the Council in Pula;
  • by leading fact-finding missions to possible future member parties, such as the Free Democrats (Georgia) and Civic List (Slovenia), that have now joined the ALDE Party.
  • By representing ALDE or moderating in international fora and human rights events, including DeBeNeLux conference with liberal local politicans from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Liberal International Congress and Council meetings (Ivory Coast, Beirut, Barcelona), House of Europe conference on federalism (The Hague), Vibrant Europe Forum (Maastricht), European Liberal Forum conference on Political Foundations (Ljubljana) and D66 fringe meeting on LGBT rights in the Caucasus (Yerevan).
  • By helping reach out to possible new member parties, including Positive Slovenia of Prime Minister Bratusek.
In the coming term, Lousewies would like to continue to build on her work for ALDE over the past four years. She will continue to share her wide political experience to strengthen Liberals and Democrats all over Europe. Currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, her geographic proximity to Central, Southern and Eastern Europe will facilitate close cooperation with and attention to a region where Liberal Democrats face numerous challenges.  In Bureau meetings Lousewies will continue to be a consistent advocate of accountability, transparency and efficient use of resources, while being available to the staff of the ALDE secretariat with whom she has developed an excellent working relationship.
Lousewies was leader of the D66 delegation of the European Parliament (1999-2003) and member of the Dutch national parliament (2003-2006, the last year as Party Leader). She has worked, inter alia, as chef de cabinet of the President at the International Criminal Court and as spokeswoman of European Commissioner Hans van den Broek where she worked on the enlargement of the European Union.
Lousewies is a strong advocate for human rights, democracy and the rule of law. A vocal supporter of equal opportunities, she has facilitated the imminent launch of a new LGBT network in ALDE. Diversity strengthens organisations, also in the ALDE Bureau, therefore D66 also aspires to a diverse and representative new Bureau. Lousewies is easily accessible and speaks fluent English, German, Dutch and French, as well as conversational Italian and beginners Slovene.
Should you have any questions concerning the candidacy of Lousewies van der Laan for ALDE Vice President, please do not hesitate to contact her via Twitter, Facebook or mail the International Bureau of D66 via [email protected]