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European Parliament Economy


   Thu 14/12/2000

Resolution of the European Parliament on the Commission report on the measures taken in the light of the observations of the European Parliament in its 1997 discharge resolution (COM(2000) 224 – C5-0223/2000 – 2000/2113(DEC))

The European Parliament,

  • having regard to its resolution of 19 January 20001, containing the comments which form part of the decision giving discharge to the Commission in respect of the implementation of the general budget of the European Communities for the 1997 financial year,
  • having regard to the Commission report of 11 April 2000, on the measures taken in the light of the comments contained in the resolution accompanying the decision giving it discharge in respect of the implementation of the budget for the 1997 financial year (COM(2000) 224 – C5-0223/2000),
  • having regard to Article 89(8) of the Financial Regulation,
  • having regard to Annex V, Article 6 of its Rules of Procedure,
  • having regard to the report of the Committee on Budgetary Control (A5-0397/2000),
  • whereas Parliament decided to postpone discharge for the 1997 financial year pending commitments from the Commission regarding reform;
  • whereas Parliament called on the Commission to address problems relating to eight areas; namely the closure of accounts, institutional management and supervision, staff policy, Technical Assistance Offices, the discharge authority's access to information, management of Community policies in partnership (SEM2000), combating fraud and corruption and the delivery of external aid, including that provided to Palestine;
  • whereas Parliament made three requests to the European Court of Auditors, namely to monitor systematically responses to previous criticisms, to draw up common agreements with national courts of auditors in order to carry out complementary checks on Community policies, and to assess the policy of administrative decentralisation;
  • whereas Parliament called on its Secretary-General and on the Constitutional Affairs Committee, in their respective areas, to create appropriate general procedures for the handling of confidential documents;
  • whereas Parliament reserves the right to return to appraise progress by the Commission, the Court of Auditors and the Secretary-General of Parliament under the forthcoming discharge procedure;