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Personnel changes in the European Commission

   Thu 11/05/2000

On 4 May 2000, Commission Kinnock informed the EP of the Commission's personnel policy with regard to senior appointments:

Candidates for A1 and A2 jobs are interviewed by a panel of senior officials which is now assisted by an advisory external expert with relevant experience in executive selection. That panel makes an objective assessment of the professional and managerial qualities and capabilities that are relevant to the post and recommends a shortlist. The shortlisted candidates are then interviewed by the portfolio Commissioner who is most directly concerned with the post (and also, in the case of A1 officials, by the Commissioner for Personnel). The Commissioner responsible for Personnel then formally proposes to the College the candidate who has been agreed upon with the portfolio Commissioner and with the President of the Commission.

Can the Commission explain how this procedure was followed with regard to the previous day's appointment of Mr O'Sullivan, Mr Trojan, Mr Petite and Mr Levi?