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Closing the Borsele nuclear plant in the Netherlands

   Fri 22/06/2001

The Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant wrote on 1 June 2001 that the Energy Commissioner, Mrs de Palacio, at a meeting in Arnhem the day before, had said: "The earlier closure of nuclear plants as envisaged by the Dutch government was not a good idea." She was quoted as saying that meeting the Kyoto requirements would not be possible without nuclear energy. These statements were also repeated in other media.

  1. Does the Commissioner confirm having made these statements?
  2. Is the Commissioner aware of the environmental drawbacks of nuclear energy compared to other forms of energy generation based on non-fossil fuels?
  3. Is the Commissioner aware of the Dutch Government's efforts to promote the use of various forms of non-fossil fuel energy, other than nuclear energy?
  4. Can the Commissioner provide any concrete and convincing evidence that the Dutch Government's present policy is endangering meeting its Kyoto obligations?
  5. If not, lacking the evidence and necessity, what motivated her to promote the narrow interest of the nuclear industry in such an obvious way?
  6. Does the Commissioner agree that the choice of how (as opposed to if) to meet its Kyoto obligations is the prerogative of the Dutch Government?
  7. What Treaty base can the Commissioner provide for her interference in Dutch energy policy?