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Decision on setting up an Enterprise Policy Group (EPG)

   Fri 30/03/2001

Article 257 of the EC Treaty provides for the creation of an Economic and Social Committee (ESC) which has been advising the Commission since 1957. Nevertheless, on 8 November 2000 the Commission adopted a decision to set up an advisory committee, called the "Enterprise Policy Group", whose task is to advise the Commission on business policy. In some cases experts will receive a fixed allowance of up to € 500 a day for their advice.

Can the Commission explain why this Group's tasks cannot be performed by the ESC? By setting up a separate "Enterprise Policy Group" is the Commission expressing doubts as to the added value of the advice of the ESC? How can the Commission justify incurring costs for obtaining advice which is available elsewhere free of charge? Did members of the ESC respond to the invitation, and have they been included in the "Enterprise Policy Group"?

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