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EP stops animal cannibalism

   Wed 13/03/2002

The European Parliament today voted to tighten rules on the use of animal by-products and the disposal of catering waste, based on a report by the Liberal democrats. The move was welcomed by Lousewies van der Laan as a major step forward for the protection of public health and the environment.

Speaking after the succesfull vote, Van der Laan said: "Today's vote will ban the practice of animal remains being fed to animals of the same species, which is believed to have caused many animal diseases such as BSE. I am also delighted that Parliament supported the Liberal Democrat proposal that only animal by-products fit for human consumption can be used in future for animal feed, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. This offers an additional guarantee for the protection of public health."

Ms van der Laan explained that one controversial issue remained to be agreed with Member State governments - how to deal with catering waste such as pig swill and cooking oil: "These are particularly sensitive issues in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. Parliament has called on the Commission to propose a safe system for the handling, transport and use of catering waste. We also think that the catering waste industry, on which thousands of jobs depend across the EU, should be given a 4 year transitional period to adjust."

Following today's second reading vote by Parliament, the draft legislation will be examined by the Council of Ministers. Discussions between Parliament and Council on a compromise solution are expected to take place later this Spring.