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Jelko Kacin first ALDE candidate in Slovenia

   Fri 28/02/2014

Current ALDE MEP for Slovenia, Jelko Kacin, became the first candidate for the upcoming European elections to run for the ALDE group in the European Parliament. At a press conference in Ljubljana he expressed his willingness to stand on a joint ALDE list with any of the other ALDE parties (Dravzljanska Lista and Zares, as well as Positivna Slovenia, whose membership is pending approval by the May 2 ALDE Council), ) or to run alone. ALDE vice-president Lousewies van der Laan, supported his candidature, saying: "Jelko Kacin bring experience and effectiveness to the EP. Like many small countries, Slovenia already punches above its weight in the EU and individual people can deepen that punch. ALDE is ready to support the candidates of all ALDE parties, because a strong liberal group in the EP is crucial for a free and prosperous Europe." She is confident that Jelko Kacin will collect the 1000 signatures needed to register his candidacy. She called on the other ALDE parties to speed up their nomination process: "Time ahead of these crucial elections should be spend outside, listening and talking to voters. The faster we know who is running, the more time  we have to convince Slovenians to vote and to vote for ALDE".

(published in ALDE's newsletter)