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Treaty of Accession

   Fri 12/07/2002

Paragraph 22 of the Conclusions of the Seville European Council refers to a "Treaty of Accession", while paragraph 10 of the Conclusions of the Laeken European Council refers to "accession treaties".

1. Can the Commission confirm that just one Treaty of Accession is being drawn up?

2. If so, when was the decision taken that just one Treaty of Accession would be drawn up, and on the basis of what considerations is just one Treaty of Accession being drawn up?

3. Does the Commission agree that precedent cannot be invoked in this instance because what is at issue here is the simultaneous accession of up to ten countries?

4. How does the principle of the individual assessment of the various applicant countries square with the inclusion of all the applicant countries in just one Treaty of Accession?

5. Does the Commission share our view that the democratic scrutiny of the accession process is being adversely affected, since the national parliaments may say simply "yea" or "nay" to the entire Treaty and not to individual applicant countries? Does the Commission feel that this constitutes a good example of democratic procedure to be setting the applicant countries?

6. Does the Commission still intend to give the national parliaments a say in the individual assessment of the applicant countries? If so, how will it do so?