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Exchange of information concerning health hazards to military personnel

   Mon 05/02/2001

It is well known that concern is felt throughout Europe about the possible hazard posed by the toxicity of the depleted uranium in munitions used by NATO soldiers.

The University of Witten-Herdecke in Germany has studied the health of radar technicians in the German army who worked with the Hawk and Patriot missile defence systems. Of the 99 former radar technicians examined, 69 have contracted cancer. 24 of them have now died. This was reported by the German television station ZDF on 13 January 2001.

  1. Is the Council aware of the latter report?
  2. Does the Council agree that concern about the health of employees in Europe's armies could damage the common security policy?
  3. If so, does the Council agree that information about the health of European military personnel is covered by Article 16 of the Treaty and that all information concerning this and other matters should be shared by the Member States as soon as it becomes available?
  4. Is the available information concerning the possible damaging effects of the Hawk and Patriot missile defence systems currently being shared by the Member States whose military personnel work with these systems? How is this information exchange coordinated?
  5. Will the Council keep the European Parliament informed about the above and any related matters, pursuant to Article 21 of the Treaty?

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