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EU denounces fraudulent Mugabe victory

   Wed 13/03/2002

"This is the most dubious election result since Palm Beach County, Florida. The name of Robert Mugabe will enter the dictionary alongside the word 'gerrymander' as synonymous with electoral fraud." said ELDR leader Graham Watson, commenting on the announcement by Zimbabwe's electoral commission that Robert Mugabe has been re-elected President of Zimbabwe, and on reports from international observers about widespread irregularities.

Lousewies van der Laan, leader of the democrats 66 delegation added: "I hope that the neighbouring states will not disgrace themselves by crediting Mugabe with victory. Zimbabwe should now be expelled from the Commonwealth and shunned by the international community."

"In view of the real danger of further violence and human rights abuses, Commissioners Chris Patten and Poul Nielsen should meet the leaders of the Movement for Democratic Change to show EU solidarity and to plan the route back to democracy for Zimbabwe."